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My name is Marcus Vildir and I built this digital tool wall. I teach 3rd to 9th grade educational sloyd, or slöjd, wich is the swedish word for woodwork, craftsmanship and artistic manual art with wood, metall, textiles and other materials. I work at Tyresö skola, a middle school outside Stockholm, Sweden. I created this collection of videos and the related website, develop the slöjd education and my teaching.

The idea is that the tool wall will ease my work load as a teacher, as it lets the students get instructions and introductions of projects via video instead. The students, on their part, is allowed to take in the information an infinite number of times, in their own pace while being able to repeat the instructions whenever they want or need to. It makes me able to focus on supporting the students in exactly the areas in wich they actually need help. The students never has to feel dumb for having to ask for the same information over and over.

I was very much inspired by Salman Khans website Khanacademy, where he has poduced hundreds of classes of math and algebra and put them on the web, for everyone to use freely. Check out my collection of web links for addresses and loads of tips on websites.

Thanks to all my colleagues who keeps me inspired and gives me feedback and thanks to all my students who keep pushing me to become a better teacher.

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